Parag Gupta

Cloud, DevOps

How to Setup Kubernetes Master HA on CentOS?

This blog describes how to set up a high-availability (HA) Kubernetes cluster. This is an advanced topic and setting up a truly reliable, highly available distributed system requires few steps to be performed. We will go into each of these steps in detail, but a summary will help the user as a guide. Here's what the system should...


AWS, DevOps

Django Application Deployment

Django is a high-level Python Web framework that can help you get your Python application or website off the ground. It includes simple development server for testing the code locally, but in the production environment, a more secure and powerful web server is required. uWSGI is an application server container that aims to provide...


AWS, DevOps

Integration of AWS CodeDeploy with Jenkins

We have been working on a scenario where we want to automate testing, build, deploy and revert in one Jenkins job. Currently, we are using separate Jenkins jobs for testing, deploying and reverting the code changes. We would be automating these tasks using AWS CodeDeploy with Jenkins. Jenkins can provide us the functionality to run...