prashant varshney

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Alarms on custom metrics in Autoscaling group

Recently, I came across an interesting use case i.e to put alarms on custom metrics of autoscaling instances. Lets consider there is an autoscaling group for production environment and you need to put alarm on disk and memory utilization custom metrics. To accomplish that you need to follow the steps described below: 1. Create disk and...



Puppet Dashboard Installation on Amazon Linux based EC2 Server

Puppet Dashboard is a puppet user interface that gives you a bird eye view of system configurations. It shows the list of nodes that can be in changed, unchanged, pending, failed or unreported state. You can manage all your nodes from the dashboard without login into the puppet master server Requirements: Puppet Master (2.7.25) Install...



CloudTrail Logs Monitoring Using AWS CloudWatch

  CloudWatch Logs Monitoring AWS has launched a new feature for monitoring cloud trail logs (CloudWatch Logs). CloudWatch Logs lets you monitor and troubleshoot your systems and applications using your existing system, application and custom log files. CloudWatch Logs can be used to monitor your logs for specific phrases, values or...