Prince Soni

Prince Soni has an Engineering degree in Computer Science and has been a full-stack developer for more than 5 years having experience with various tech stacks of Java, mobile platforms and JavaScript. Having dabbled with various technologies, he ended up becoming a JS fan-boy and has been exclusively working on various JS frameworks including MEAN stack, React, Ionic, PhoneGap and other Node.js frameworks for the past few years. When not being heads down absorbed in tackling complex problems, he likes to contribute to the community through his NPMs and blogs or participate in hackathons or geek meetups. Some of the examples of his work are: SetCronJob, node-twitter-api, angular-js-seed, synup etc. He also recently won the top prize for developing a complete IoT platform on Javascript. He sees JS as a big differentiator in the fields of Big Data, analytics, Internet of things, Video Streaming and Social Media Integrations, all fields he is deeply interested in and where he participates in numerous hackathons and geek meet-ups." 5 years of IT industry experience. Good exposure to Object Oriented Programming Application Development. Over three years of experience in Node.js, Express.js, Passport js, Facebook API, Facebook Js , Twitter js and other Node.js frameworks. Experience In various frontend technologies as Angular js, jQuery, React js, Redux, ES6. Experience in Elasticsearch, Mongo DB, MySQL, SQlite, Cloud Database(ACS) Have working knowledge of JAVA , J2EE , Springs, Hibernate, Android, PhoneGap,Worklight Work on Mean Stack Technology to develop a fully independent and robust framework for a reputed client's flagship product. Experience of product development on Agile methodologies.

Agile, DevOps

Microservices and Node.js

Traditional software product development starts with one problem in mind and project continues to grow with an inclusion of new feature this leads to a single monolithic system. Every new functionality added increases complexity and difficulty in scaling system. Increasing functionality results in an increase in thousand lines of code...



SetCronJob Nodejs Client Module

What is SetCronJob SetCronJob is a module that provides you with the ability to manage your application scheduler online. Modern applications require some kind of a scheduler as part of the application to perform tasks on particular instances. Managing this scheduler on the server, either locally or on a distributed system  is tricky...


Node.js, Technology

IOT and NodeJs

IoT (Internet of things) The Internet of Things (IoT) is an ecosystem of Computer devices, automated/digital machines, Object, people or animals which hold unique identifiers and has the ability to transfer data over the network without involving human-to-human or human-to-computer interaction. The Internet  in Internet of things can...