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JQGrid Powerful Plugin With Cool Features

Recently i worked on a JQuery plugin named JQGrid, I found it very productive if you know how to code in JQuery and Javascript. As it also provide event handler and user API it make it more flexible and easier to code.   JQgrid provide plenty of features, some of its cool features such as,   - Solve problem regarding fixing...



Linux Trick for screen collaboration or shell sharing

In recent week, i got to know about really good way of collaborating the screen in a linux.   Let us take a scenario, Suppose User having name 'B' on the 5th floor of the company is having a problem/difficulty related to code execution, unable to figure out what to do?, and then he call the fellow guy who can help him out, but he...



Setting Expires HTTP header on server response through Apache

In recent poc, i have set the expires HTTP header on server response for one of the project, such that it will again set when access by user for the specified period, if header is expired already. The module that control it is "mod_expires.c". This module is not enabled by default. You need to enable it by following command (You need to...


Grails, Technology

What is Google Web Optimization, How to use or apply it in your project?

Recently as part of POC, I need to apply the Google web optimizer on various parts of the page to determine which content user clicked to best and will be most effective in getting conversions. For this you need to keep track of the various conversions, but how? That's where Google web optimizer come handy, providing reports based on...



Suppress Tracking of various scripts on test and development environment

In my recent project, every time the page loads, it loads with lots of scripts making calls to and getting content from googleapis, fb, clixpy, cdn etc. to provide the functionality, due to which the page loads very slowly and this led to the wastage of time to test a certain functionality. To overcome this problem in test and...



Configuring Log4J for logging level specific logs of different packages into file using appenders

Recently i worked upon redirecting all the log related to a specified package in my project to a specific file. It seem very helpful as it provide precise context about run of your application and make it easier to debug as compare to low level debugging method such as println. Here we can also disable certain logs statement as per our...



Google Form Submission

Recently in my project I used google form submission for the email subscription's and find it very handy for various purpose. Steps to create google form : go to google docs, click create new -> form Here you can additem/field like text, paragraphtext, multi-select etc as per your project need. Save that form by clicking...