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19 / Apr / 2010 by Tarun Pareek 1 comments

Recently in my project I used google form submission for the email subscription’s and find it very handy for various purpose.

Steps to create google form :

  1. go to google docs, click create new -> form
  2. Here you can additem/field like text, paragraphtext, multi-select etc as per your project need.
  3. Save that form by clicking save now, it will generate the spreadsheet where data is being submitted by form.

After performing above 3 steps your form is ready to use and integrate/embed into your project.

Steps to submit your form to google into your project :

  1. In form edit window, below you can see a view form link. click on it to view form.
  2. Now from the souce code of the form simply copy url from action attribute of form tag and paste it in your form action attribute.
  3. The url look like this action=””
  4. and set the field’s name into your form to the entry.0.single or entry.1.single etc. respective to the form name in google form.
  5. We can also use iframe by setting the target attribute of the form

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