Vaibhav Gulati

Vaibhav is a DevOps Engineer, AWS Certified Developer - Associate, who has worked on various AWS Services, deployment of Grails and Drupal applications. He prefers scripting in bash and ruby, has great knowledge of configuration management using Chef and MySQL database administration. He is workaholic and always keen to learn new things. In his leisure time, he loves to play table tennis, cycling and watch movies.

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Schedule Lambda On Cron Expression Triggers

Lambda is an Amazon Web Services (AWS) masterpiece which helps in leveraging compute services for a duration of seconds to minutes and hence reduces the infrastructure costs manifolds and its maintenance. The Cron expressions are created, evaluated and triggered using Cloudwatch Management Console. The possible cron expressions for AWS...


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Advance Use Case of Load Testing Using JMeter

Apache JMeter, an open-source product developed in Java used to perform load testing of web applications and simulate user load with various parameters like a real-life scenario. There were few use cases that I came across while performing load testing on my project. These are simple and often very helpful in performing tests on daily...


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How to Update and View Timeout Session in OpenVPN Access Server?

OpenVPN Access Server (AS) is a paid package based on OpenVPN Server which provides management of users, connections, even LDAP integration simplified through a web interface. This helps in deployment of a VPN solution for multiple users in a matter of minutes. But, OpenVPN AS by default comes with a 24-hour session time-out period....


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Mounting Google Drive in Linux

Google Drive is an indispensable part of our life nowadays. From sharing almost every type of file to anyone/anywhere around the world has reduced our cost and time tremendously from self-hosting an FTP server and taking care of its security. From DevOps perspective, it becomes even more convenient if we could have our google...


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Using Commercial SSL Certificates on your Linux Apache Server

Refer this blog to get a basic understanding of using self-signed SSL certificates on your Apache server. Also, the above link will help you in generating a private key and a CSR (Certificate Signing Request), which contains information about your country, locality, company, your public key, etc.; for your server. For commercial...


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Creating And Importing IAM User to Opsworks

Opsworks is a wonderful SaaS tool provided by AWS which off-loads human driven tasks like managing own chef server, installing agents on each server, creating ssh user(s) even on run-time for the servers and various other benefits. In this blog an IAM User will be created without any CLI credentials, it will be registered with...


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Utilizing AWS Ruby SDK to get AWS EC2 details in a CSV file

Over the years, Amazon has been integrating its web services with various programming languages to make it easier for developers to utilize various AWS resources effectively. It has made specific tools for popular programming languages like Ruby, Python, Java, .NET etc. Talking about Ruby, it is a dynamic, reflective, object-oriented,...