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    Test Professionals
  • 75+
    Quality Engineering Engagements
  • 70%
    Certified Test Professionals
  • Expertise
    Expertise in Open Source & Next-Gen Tools

As businesses move towards achieving a complete digital transformation, their need for the right digital skills and expertise only increases. Keeping their requirements at the center of it all, we offer a comprehensive set of manual as well as automated testing services. We know what it takes to transform from Quality Assurance to Quality Engineering with continuous delivery & agile methodologies.

We cover the entire gamut of QE Services
  • web testing

    Web Testing

  • mobile-device

    Mobile/Device Testing

  • core

    API Testing

  • load

    Load & Performance Testing

  • security

    Security Testing

  • Accessibility Testing

    Accessibility Testing

  • A/B Testing

    A/B Testing

  • ETL testing

    ETL Testing

  • Cloud Testing

    Cloud Testing

  • OTT Testing

    OTT Testing

  • Big Data & Analytics Testing

    Big Data & Analytics Testing

  • Regulatory & Compliance Testing

    Regulatory & Compliance Testing

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Our Differentiators


We believe in transforming Quality Engineering into a lightweight process that gels well with Agile & Devops practices and complements development & innovation, doing away with dogmatic, labour-intensive & time-consuming traditional approaches.

Technology Driven Approach

Technology Driven Approach

Our automation platform PRISM integrates with all your tools. We execute tests with frameworks like Appium, Selenium & Cucumber. We integrate the code with Jenkins to test within the CI/CD pipeline and report bugs with Jira & share them in Slack.

Quick & Comprehensive Reporting

Quick & Comprehensive Reporting

Our AI/ML-powered Reporting Dashboard provides detailed reports, important insights & fast feedback with lesser noise. We offer visual analytics on Launch Statistics, Failure Trends, Bug Categories & Log Exceptions.

Flexible Resourcing

Flexible Resourcing

With our different engagement models, we provide multiple resourcing options to meet business needs. Our dedicated core team helps to meet fixed demands & flexible team to meet dynamic staffing needs. We offer optimized onsite & offshore resourcing.

PRISM - Our Automation Framework

PRISM-Automation Framework


Tools We Use
  • Web Automation
    • Core Web Automation
  • Mobile Testing
    • Mobile Testing
  • API Testing
    • API Testing
  • BDD
    • BDD
  • Cloud Platforms
    • Leveraging Cloud
  • AI Automation
    • AI-based Automation
  • Performance Testing
    • Performance Testing
  • Security Testing
    • Security Testing
  • Test Management
    • Test Management Tools

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