What we Offer
We offer web and mobile based solutions to businesses who want to drive more punters to place bets on their favorite races and games through their portals. We deliver mobile apps that enable users to perform different activities like social betting, browsing through different sports or races, viewing scores, avail offers in physical outlets, keeping track of individual scores or performance of players and betting online, etc.
  • Web and Mobile

    Deliver exceptional user experiences in betting applications with top-notch front-end and back-end solutions

  • Wagering Platform Engineering

    Provide comprehensive software development services, including DevOps, CI/CD, automation, release management, & maintenance

  • Quality Engineering

    Ensure enhanced performance with our expertise in quality assurance services and testing across all application types

  • Analytics

    Leverage Adobe-based tracking to offer real-time insights into customer behaviors and actions, enabling data-driven decision-making

  • Data Engineering

    Create scalable, compliant, and robust Data Platforms & Data Lakes to process and transform vast amounts of data into valuable insights

Our Domain Experience
We build high-performing, feature-loaded, and robust real-time betting solutions for your business
  • Betting & Wagering
    Betting & Wagering
  • Lotteries & Gaming
    Lotteries & Gaming
  • Responsible Gambling
    Responsible Gambling
DNA of our Wagering Solution
  • Design-led engineering

    Robust Integrations

  • Respond to change & pivot fast

    Backend implementations

  • DevOps & CICD led processes

    Data & Personalization

  • Cloud-native development

    Racing & Sports Live video streaming

  • Test-driven development

    Customer care and Acquisition


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