With a full suite of OTT solutions & services portfolio, TO THE NEW provides a bouquet of services to the Media & Entertainment sector and OTT companies helping them with engineering and effective management of media operations
Our Offerings
  • OTT Platform Development

    OTT Platform Development

    We build highly scalable and experiential OTT platforms across multiple screens, from experience design to managed services using Cloud-native engineering

    Multi-Platform OTT Design | Development & Fulfillment | Omni-Channel Experience

  • Smart TV Solutions

    Smart TV Solutions

    We offer end-to-end Smart TV solutions with expertise across platforms & devices. Our new-age Smart TV applications help you increase viewership, expand reach, and achieve better ROI for your brand

    Application Design | Development | Testing | Maintenance

  • Media Services & Solutions

    Media Services

    Our Media Services help OTT platforms, broadcasters, content owners and distributors achieve higher reach, discoverability, and monetization

    OTT Packaging & Publishing | Localization & Access Services | Compliance, QC & Editorial

Trust us with customized end-to-end OTT Solutions for a faster Go-to-market.

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Our proprietary framework of reusable components that is helping our customers with faster turnaround time and better maintainability

  • Modern Architecture

    Modern Architecture & Design

  • Highly Secure

    Highly Secure

  • Fault-Tolerant

    Fault-Tolerant with High Availability & Reliability

  • Performance Oriented

    Performance Oriented, Scalable & Future Ready

  • Rich User Experience

    Rich User Experience

  • Plug-n-Play Architecture

    Plug-n-Play Architecture

  • Continuous refactoring


  • Microservices-based architecture

    Easy to Use

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