Manali Khanna

Manali is a Technology lover with an experience of more than 3 years in Groovy & Grails. She loves reading about latest technologies and solving puzzles.

Java, Software development

Asynchronous Programming & Aggregation using Apache Camel

In any user facing and real time application, data is of utmost importance as it directly affects any business's market and revenue. Recently, we were needed to build an OTA for booking hotels; wherein User may book hotel rooms for specific dates. For this, we integrated with multiple Suppliers for fetching hotel information which...


Grails, Technology

Groovy collectEntries to get a Map from a Collection

Dealing with collections is a part of a Developer’s daily life. However, sometimes it becomes quite cumbersome when we have to iterate through each collection every time we want a manipulated Collection. Ever thought of a groovier way to manipulate a collection and get a Map in a single line? Well, multiple iterations to convert a...