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Run Grails application as standalone application

Most Grails application are intended to deploy within external container. According to the traditional way of deployment, the apps are bundled as war packaging, deploy it into any external container like tomcat and Jetty. There is a plugin Standalone App Runner which allow to em-bade a container inside the grails application itself....


Grails, Java

Auto compilation in java springboot application

To run springboot appllication there is a task "bootRun" which compile and run the application for one deployment lifecyle. This is good enough for the production, where auto compilation is not required. In the dev environment auto compilation is used to avoid recompilation. Also it is very much needed to speed up the development time...


Grails, Technology

One step ahead in mysql search: full-text search

Full Text Search is searching a string among multiple coulmns of a table to fetch the more relevant records. In this blog we will demostrate how to implement full text search to fetch relavent responses. There are few simple steps to implement full text search in mysql- 1. Create table with full text schema [java] Create...


AWS, Grails

Delete file from Amazon s3 using Javascript sdk

Now a days AWS S3 is commonly used as data storage. So there is one common requirement to delete a file or directory from S3. There are plenty of options avaibale to do the same, so we using javascript implementation for this. There are basic two steps by which you can delete a file from S3. 1. Javascript sdk integration: [java] ...


Grails, Testing

Writing test cases for Domain class Using Spock

The agenda of this blog is to demonstrate how to write basic validation test cases for domain class in grails application. Create a domain class User with some basic constraints. [java] package com.ttn.testing class User { String emailId String name static constraints = { emailId nullable: false, blank: false name...