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TO THE NEW Organized TechFluence, 2018: Highlights

TechFluence, 2018 is a community-driven technology conference organized by TO THE NEW on 24th March 2018 in Crowne Plaza, New Delhi. We have been organizing GrailsConf, an independent series of global conferences with a complete focus on Groovy, Grails, Gradle and the related technologies from last 5 years.  This year we decided to...


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TechFluence 2018: 1 Day To Go!!!

After 4 successful editions of Grails Conferences, TO THE NEW is back with something big this time and it covers a broad spectrum of technologies. Introducing our flagship annual technology conference TechFluence. The conference sets the stage for learnings on technologies such as Blockchain, AWS, Docker, Java, Spring, NodeJS, React,...


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Java Garbage Collection – An Overview

Garbage Collection is a process to identify and delete the objects from Heap memory which are not in use. GC frees the space after removing unreferenced objects. The event in which Garbage Collectors are doing their job is called "Stop the world" event which means all of your application threads are put on hold until the garbage is...


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Asynchronous Programming & Aggregation using Apache Camel

In any user facing and real time application, data is of utmost importance as it directly affects any business's market and revenue. Recently, we were needed to build an OTA for booking hotels; wherein User may book hotel rooms for specific dates. For this, we integrated with multiple Suppliers for fetching hotel information which...


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Working with TestNG Annotations (Part1)

TestNG is a Java Framework to set up the execution flow of the code and for reporting purpose.  Annotations used in TestNG: Annotation Description @BeforeSuite BeforeSuite annotation method runs only once before all tests from the suite. @AfterSuite AfterSuite annotation method runs only once after all tests from the...


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MONGOOSE Tips and Tricks for Uncommon Cases

Mongoose is an object modelling package for Node that essentially works like an ORM for many popular languages much like Hibernate is for JAVA. Below are some of the mongoose special scenario(s) I stepped upon while working on the project. It took me some time to figure it out. Hopefully below details would prove helpful to you thereby...



Report Generation Using Jxls v2

What is Jxls?  Jxls is a Java library developed as a wrapper around existing open source projects known by the name of Apache POI and Java Excel API, to generated Excel reports quickly.  Why Jxls, if Apache POI is already there? We often come across a general scenario where we want a report to be highly presentable and crisp on...


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Type Inference in Lambda Expressions : Java 8

Type Inference means that the data type of any expression (e.g. method return type or parameter type) can be deduced automatically by the compiler. Groovy language is a good example of programming languages supporting Type Inference. Similarly, Java 8 Lambda expressions also support Type inference. Let's understand how it works with a...


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Generic Functional Interfaces and Functional Interface API for Lambda Expressions: Java 8

Lambda expressions come with a standard rule that they can only be assigned to a reference variable which is a Functional Interface i.e. an interface having one and only one abstract method. Besides, a Lambda expression does not care about the name of a function and/ or any access specifier as it tries to infer this information from the...


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When you take your Machine Learning Models to Production for Real Time Predictions

Problem We had a use case where we needed to use machine learning to make predictions in real time. To give an estimate of what we consider real time - latency less than 10 milliseconds for our predictions. In this blog, we would discuss what is needed to have the kind of latency for machine learning models that we can use in production....


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Functional Interface for Lambda expressions : Java 8

As we already know that Lambda Expressions are used to support functional programming in Java. The default behaviour of Lambda expressions is to accept only those interfaces as reference variables which have only one abstract method. We call such interfaces Functional Interfaces. You could also name them as SAM, i.e., Single Abstract...