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Android, Connected TV

An introduction to SMAF

With the recent advancements in Smart TV ecosystems, almost one million Smart TVs are estimated by 2017.  Most of these Smart TVS belong to HTML / CSS / Javascript platforms. However, few Android TVs are based on java  platforms whereas Roku TVs apps are developed on Brightscript platform. Though all Smart TV‘s provide their own...


Android, Connected TV

Comparison between smart tv’s : Roku 4 vs Apple Tv (2015) vs Amazon Fire Tv (2015) vs Nvidia Shield Android Tv vs ChromeCast

Smart TVs and chrome cast have amused users with some very compelling features and UX. Every product has different capabilities and qualities and choosing one over the other can vary from person to person according to their needs and past experience with technologies. Three main categories in smart TVs that attract users are: Apps...


Android, Technology

Handler In Android

android.os.Handler allows us to send and process Message and Runnable objects associated with a thread's MessageQueue. Each Handler instance is associated with a single thread and that thread's message queue. Handler used for: Message creation Inserting messages into the queue Processing messages on the consumer thread ...



Activity Recognition using new GoogleApiClient [ActivityRecognitionClient is deprecated in december 2014]

As per Google play services 6.5 Highlights : The ActivityRecognitionClient, LocationClient, and PlusClientclasses are deprecated. If you used those APIs in your app and want to call Google Play services 6.5 or higher APIs, you must switch to the new programming model that utilizes GoogleApiClient. As per docs, GoogleApiClient is able...



Background Location Updates on Android

In my previous blog, I mentioned my first task about removing the AlarmManager/LocationManager approach we were using and replace it with new Location APIs that were announced at Google I/O last year. Note: If you are unaware about using Google location api in the foreground, Please firstly read the previous blog. This method was...



Google’s Fused Location API for Android

For android applications, the Fused Location Provider intelligently manages the underlying location technology and gives us the best location according to our needs. We could choose one of the location providers (network or GPS) and request location updates or set up proximity alert. But there were two main challenges with this...



Handle Multiple Screen Sizes in Android

Android devices come in a variety of screen sizes and resolutions. That's why handling the multiple screen size in android is most important. TERMS AND CONCEPTS Screen size : Actual physical size, measured as the screen's diagonal.For simplicity, Android groups has four generalized sizes: small, normal, large, and extra large. Screen...