10 Video Optimization Methods Not Generally Known

04 / Aug / 2015 by Amrita Singh 0 comments

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People usually believe that a good content is sure to get clicks. It is true largely but for real success on YouTube knowing how to optimize for the platform is the key. Spend as much time optimizing your video content as you do creating videos. After all what is the purpose of an epic content if nobody is watching it?

Let’s explore some of the lesser known and often ignored optimization methods that can do wonders!

  1. Provide value

To get ranked well and ensure that video gets watched and is watched all the way through make an epic content that solves problems or provides new information. Make it as long as it is interesting.


  1. Optimized SEO

If a viewer is going to go on watching videos after the one video they may as well be yours right? This will generate longer YouTube session and eventually better search rankings for your videos. For this your videos and channel should be optimized for SEO as much as possible with connecting tags and keywords on the metadata (Titles, Tags, and Descriptions) of all your videos.


  1. Playlists

Using optimized Playlists to segregate the videos can considerably increase viewer’s session time. If you have large number of videos on your channel it is obvious for the older ones to stop getting views. Using the popularity of newer videos the older videos can be highlighted by putting them in playlists, grouping them by themes or topics. Creating playlists also keep your feed active and the channel in the forefront of Subscribers.


  1. Promote Discussions

The amount of comments and engagement a video gets the better the ranking and chances of discoverability. It also increases session time considerably and thus community engagement is a great and often neglected video optimization technique.

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  1. Thumbnails

Believe it or not but a picture is worth a thousand words. Along with titles, tags and descriptions, YouTube thumbnails are the cornerstone of success. The thumbnail and Title together should convey a cohesive story about the content to make your video appealing. Keeping a consistent thumbnail pattern is also a great optimization technique to help recognition and association.


  1. Channel Art

The new layout of YouTube gives more real-estate to channel art to convey the tone and purpose of the channel. First impression undoubtedly lasts and it is useful investment.



  1. Unsubscribed Trailer Text

Make an epic channel trailer for new visitors who are not subscribed to the channel. The channel trailer plays automatically and there is video description in a prominent position which should be used to promote the channel instead of the video which anyway plays automatically.

  1. Convey Upload Schedule

Following a pattern of schedule is a great optimization technique which is a waste if not conveyed. Either through titling, channel art, channel description, try and let viewers know what they will get and when.

  1. Turn On Auto Suggested Channels

Click ‘Enable’ under ‘Popular Channels On YouTube’ to turn on auto suggested channels. The easiest of all techniques ensures that your channel will be shown against similar quality channels in your niche which in the long run can be a great source of traffic.

  1. Don’t Use Misleading Metadata

It can be very tempting to use some hacks and tricks to show up in search results but manipulating and misleading by the use of unrelated metadata is a one way ticket to failure. It is a breach of YouTube’s community guidelines and hurts audience retention very badly that can hamper future ranking.


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