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14 / Nov / 2014 by Tejprakash Sharma 0 comments

Amazon has come up with loads of eye-popping services that reduces our workload in re:invent 2014, one such astounding service that it has launched on Day 1 of re:invent is CodeCommit. We’ve been investing loads of our time in managing our own source control system,  which can be reduced by using CodeCommit. It’s a secured service managed by AWS, using which, you can host your own private Git repositories. You can use it with all existing Git tools as it supports all the features of it, you can commit anything on that.

Let’s walk through and enumerate some of it’s key points

    • CodeCommit keeps your data and repositories in encrypted format and You can access control through the access management IAM, You can select AWS region for your repositories to reduce latency.


    • You can store anything on it, There is no size limit, it automatically scales up according to the requirement, You can upload any type of data from images to a binary file. It allows versioning of uploaded content.


    • CodeCommit ensures high availability of your data that you have commit on it. You can access your code anytime, It implements Git with highly scalable, fault tolerance infrastructure.


    • CodeCommit speeds up your Development Lifecycle, it transfers only incremental changes instead of complete code that increases the development and frequency too. Your code repositories are kept closer to your environment and also integrates CodePipeline and CodeDeploy to streamline your deployment.


    • It automatically scales up all infrastructure according to the requirement, it implements Git so you can use all Git commands on it.


CodeCommit will be available from early 2015.





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