Day 2 at SpringOne2GX 2013

11 / Sep / 2013 by Amit Jain 0 comments

Multiple parallel sessions on Groovy, Grails & Spring started from early morning sharp at 8:30 am till 6:00pm. So many options/sessions to choose from. Here are the few highlights from sessions that we attended during the day.

    1. Real world applications with Spring Data Neo4j by Michael Hunger : Shared many interesting use cases of neo4j like fraud detection, logistics, customer retention, referrals and so on. Overall a nice session. Every attendee was also given a free copy of Graph Databases, Oreilly.
    2. Performance-tuning the Spring Petclinic sample application by Julien Dubois : It was demo driven presentation, where Julien improved the performance of the sample application by more than 500% using the tool called yourkit by following some simple steps.
    3. Road to Grails 3.0 by Graeme Rocher : Grails 2.3 was also released few days before with various new features. It has support for asynchronous processing, restful scaffolded controllers, many new annotations are added like withFormat etc. Grails 2.3 is comes with hibernate 4.0 now, with this change, plugins using hibernate 3.0 might face incompatibility issues. The whole session demo driven, thoroughly enjoyed.
    4. Type checking your DSLs by Cedric Champeau : Saw how we can impose type checking on DSLs at the compile time along with throwing customised messages. Looks like really powerful, although it happened to be slightly heavier then I expected.
    5. Securing Grails Applications by Burt Beckwith : Burt covered almost all security concerns that we must keep in mind right from basic to advanced ones. The core message conveyed was ‘Don’t Trust your users’. Many tips were shared. His talk included top security concerns by Open Web Application Security project(OWASP), various security attacks and their remedies etc.



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