Deploying Grails application on Websphere Application Server V6

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In one of my projects, I needed to deploy the grails application on IBM Websphere Application Server Version 6.
So the steps I followed to deploy the application are as follows:-

Step-1: Install the IBM Websphere Application Server 6.x

   1. Install the Websphere Application Server using its installer.
              (If it is needed to be updated to some other version,
              then download the update installer and related pack and install it.)
  2.  Start the server. 

Step-2: To set the web-container custom property on IBM WebSphere Application Server Version 6:

    Start the server if not started.

   1. Open the browser & type http://localhost:9060/ibm/console/

   2. Provide the username "Admin"

   3. In the administrative console, click "Servers" and under Servers click "Application Servers"

   4. Click on the server to which the custom property is to be applied.

   5. Under "Configuration" and "Container settings" click "Web Container Settings" 
       and under Web Container Settings click "Web Container"
  6. Under "Configuration" and "Additional Properties" click "Custom Properties"
  7. In the Custom Properties page, click "New"
  8. In the settings page, enter the name of the custom property to be added in the "Name" field 
      and the value to be set for the custom property in the "Value" field. 

     Note that some properties are case sensitive. 
     Provide the name="" and  value="true"
  9. Click "Apply" or "OK"
 10. Click "Save" in the "Messages" box that appears
 11. Restart the server for the custom property to take effect. 

Step-3: Deploying the application on Websphere Application Server.

   1. Create the war file of the application.
   2. Login to websphere (http://localhost:9060/ibm/console/
   3. Go-to Applications -> Install New application
   4. Provide the path of war-file in 'Local file system' option.
   5. In Context-root option provide '/'.
       Click next -> next -> next -> next ->Finish and save the   changes.
   6. Go to the application from Applications -> Enterprise Applications
      Select the application & click 'start' 

Step-4: Running the application

 Open the Browser & type 'http://localhost:9080//'

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Hope it helps.

Vishal Sahu



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