GDSL Awesomeness – Defining dynamic method in a class

24 / Sep / 2012 by Kushal Likhi 1 comments

We can define dynamic methods in a class as follows:


Suppose we have injected a method name .clone([boolean] clearTime) in Date which clones the date object and returns the cloned one. This method takes an boolean argument argument too.
We can do it as follows:
(See inline comments for description)

//First we need to define a context
def dateContext = context(ctype: "java.util.Date") //ctype: takes the target class full name.

//Now we need to contribute the method in the class
contribute(dateContext) {

//name: Name of the method
//type: The return type of the method
//params: Map of Arguments passed.
method name: ‘clone’, type: ‘java.util.Date’, params: [clearTime: Boolean]




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Hope it helps

Kushal Likhi


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