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In the previous blog we saw how to fetch tweets in which a particular user is mentioned, using the Twitter4j java wrapper library available for Twitter API calls.

In the same project, i had the requirement to display the tweets posted by particular user including retweets. I searched for it and found a cool way to achieve this using Twitter4j library.

For making any twitter API calls we need to have twitter account access_token and access_secret, which we obtains after authorizing/connecting twitter account with the application as mentioned in this blog.

Code to fetch Tweets by user :-

  TwitterFactory factory = new TwitterFactory()
        Twitter twitter = factory.getInstance()
        twitter.setOAuthConsumer(consumerKey, consumerSecret)
        AccessToken accessToken = new AccessToken(twitterToken, twitterSecret)
            int totalTweets = page * 20
            Paging paging = new Paging(1, totalTweets)
            List tweets = twitter.getUserTimeline(paging)
            tweets.each {tweet ->
                     println "ID : ${}"      
                     println "User : ${tweet.user.screenName}"      
                     println "Tweet : ${tweet.text}"      

This code will fetch the latest 20 tweets which user has posted using API calls.

Hope this helps.

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