Getting started with js2

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We are assuming that you have installed node.js in your system, in case if you have not installed node.js, first install node.js.
To install js2 run the command given below:

npm install js2

Let’s create a simple Hello World project, but first let’s create a project directory structure:

mkdir helloWorldJs2
cd helloWorldJs2
mkdir scr lib

Now create a HelloWorld.js2 file in scr directory with the content given below:

class HelloWorld {
  function sayHelloWorld() {
    console.log("Hello World");

To compile js2 file into js file in lib directory run the command given below:

js2-node compile -f=node ./src ./lib

Above command will compile HellowWorld.js2 file and will generate HelloWorld.js file in lib directory. Now create a js script named as hello.js in scr directory with following content:

var HelloWorld = require('../lib/HelloWorld').HelloWorld;
var helloWorld = new HelloWorld();

Now run hello.js file with the command given below, And you will get Hello World printed at console.

node src/hello.js

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