How to compile SASS files ?

02 / Jul / 2015 by Kapil Chotwani 0 comments

Sass (Syntactically Awesome StyleSheets) program automatically compiles Sass files as CSS files. This is an extension of CSS. It allows us to use variables, nested values, mixin, inline imports etc.

How to install Sass ?

Step 1 – Download and Install Ruby gem ( On a MAC machine, GEM comes pre-installed, so MAC users may skip this step.

Step 2 – Open your command prompt or Terminal and type the command “gem install sass “

Step 3 – To re-confirm whether Sass installation is completed successfully type “sass -v” in your command prompt. If it’s showing version of Sass then it means Sass is successfully installed on your machine.

How to run and compile Sass ?

On the command prompt, go to the folder, which contains the Sass files (for example mySassFile.scss) and execute the following command.

[html]sass –watch scss:.css[/html]

Real example, In project we need to execute this command :-

[html]myFolder\app\css\stylesheets> sass –watch main.scss:..\myCssFile.css[/html]

Hope this helps!


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