Increasing Productivity With The Right Hardware

05 / Sep / 2011 by Kushal Likhi 0 comments

Recently i upgraded my laptop to increase the productivity and to make it butterSmooth to work on even with the most demanding applications.
so here is what i did:

1) New High Speed Solid State Hard Drive

2) Increased RAM.


why SSD???

CPUs and GPUs thrive on being fed massive amounts of data in parallel, our hard drives aren’t so appreciative of our multitasking demands. And this is where SSDs truly shine.

SSD’s have high Read/Write speeds, which just makes the FILE I/O operations lightning fast.

It also helps in best utilization of your CPU, as it quenches the CPU’s thirst for data to be processed.

Why RAM??

I used to experience that if you run a grails application and open few instances of IDEA in your 64bit system, it used to go on swap, hence a couple of Gigs of extra RAM will not harm .. 😉


Hardware Aquired:

1) OCZ Vertex 2 40GB SSD – Rs.5000/-

2) 4GB DDR-3 Kingston Laptop RAM: Rs.1300/-

3) 2.5″ External SATA Casing: Rs.200/-



its Petty simple, Just 2 steps procedure.

1) Remove the old Ram and HDD

2) Install the new Ones.. 😉

And the Extracted 500GB HDD from my Laptop is converted into an External USB 500GB HDD using the 2.5″ HDD Casing. Hurray… 😉


The Exact Steps are as follows:

1) Open the Laptop Back Cover

2) Remove HDD mounting screws

3) Remove OLD HDD

4) install the new SSD

5) Remove one existing 2GB RAM if no empty RAM slot present

6) Install new 4GB Ram

7) Close the Lid

8) All Done.. install requires OS/Softwares to your new SSD

Here are the illustrations:


P.S: My Laptop runs Like its been blessed with the alien technology.. 🙂


Kushal Likhi


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