Infographic: 5 Roadmaps Every Product Company Should Consider!

18 / Jul / 2017 by Nidhi Choudhary 0 comments

Software Product development is challenging. There are various phases through which a product passes before it is launched. A roadmap helps to lay down the foundation and provide direction to the product owner and development teams about how to steer the product.

Without a roadmap, it is difficult to budget expenses, find resources, leverage technology and set a milestone or GTM strategy. Product roadmap enables product owner to seamlessly communicate the goals with the entire team. This is also useful for outsourced product engineering projects.

We have outlined 5 types of roadmaps that every product company should consider to bring agility with scale.

TTN_5 Roadmaps every product company should consider_WithDiagramNEW

Product Roadmaps


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