[Infographic] 6 Powerful AWS Services to Boost your Cloud Performance

16 / Feb / 2017 by Anuradha Ishwaran 0 comments

With over a decade into the market, AWS continues to dominate the public cloud infrastructure space by a sizable margin. Most companies have migrated to AWS with a clear mindset to reap the benefits of cloud services such as increased agility, improved efficiency, accelerated development and cost efficiency. However, many businesses still fail to leverage the full potential of cloud services and instead opt for traditional time-consuming approaches which involve manual configuration of servers, infrastructure and so on.

Cloud computing services have evolved over a period in the technology realm; from being a buzzword in the industry, it has now become a fundamental component of every business. From the last few years, AWS continues to unveil its new products, tools, platforms and services at their mega event – AWS re:Invent to increase its cloud adoption.

With the new bunch of AWS services, enterprises can improve application deployment, manage the key configurations, automate provisioning and manage the resources to increase developer productivity and application performance.

Here’s our infographic with six powerful AWS services that enterprises must leverage to improve agility and increase productivity.

Leverage 6 AWS services to boost your cloud performance

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