Infographic – 9 Performance Optimization Techniques for a Great Mobile Experience

16 / Feb / 2017 by kinshuk jhala 0 comments

There has been a tremendous growth in the smartphone userbase globally. With an increase in the on-the-go content consumption, it is inevitable for brands to develop products with mobile first mindset and furthermore provide a superior multi-device viewing experience and performance is the key to success.

Performance optimization has become a business priority for most brands. User are becoming more and more demanding and expect the site to load in as less as 3 seconds. Failing to user expectation can hamper the overall experience thereby impacting the overall recall.

Conceive of a scenario when user has low bandwidth and he is dabbling with your website and finally bounces off with a negative impression. Slow website or application speed could be attributed to a variety of factors such as latency, redirects, heavy images and so on.

We present to you an infographic which covers various performance optimization techniques that could be implemented to do away with slow site speed.

Mobile First Considerations


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