Monitoring Nginx Connections

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The Nginx web server comes with a bundled module “HttpStubStatusModule”. By enabling this module we will get some insight of our nginx connections. This module provides the following information.

Active Connections

Connection Status (Accepted / Handled)

Connection Request / Second

Enable Module
To get connection stats, we need to enable the status module on nginx VirtualHost file by adding below localtion block.
location /nginx_status {
# Turn on stats
stub_status on;
deny all;

Replace with the IP from which you wants to access /nginx_status
[js]$ sudo service nginx reload [/js]
[js]$ curl localhost/nginx_status [/js]

Active connections: 32
server accepts handled requests
48932 48932 2594381
Reading: 0 Writing: 2 Waiting: 30

Let’s break down the above parts.

1. Active Connections (Number of Active Connection):

This will give all open connections. This doesn’t mean number of users on site.

2. Server accepts handled requests:

We have three values for this.

First Column: 48392 ( Total Accepted Connection by Web Server )
Second Column: 48932 ( Total Connections handled by Web Server )
Third Column : 2594381 ( Number of handled requests )

If we divide third column by second column, we’ll get the number of requests / second


Number of Requests/Second = 2595381 / 48392 = 53.63

requests is being served per second by nginx.

You can also use the below script and execute it as a cron and check Connection Status on a timely basis.




#Number of Requests / Second


ApplicationURL=’ List of IPAddress/DomainName separated by Space ‘

echo $ApplicationURL

for URL in ${ApplicationURL[@]};do

echo "Getting Nginx Status Page of $URL"

curl -s $URL/$nginxPath -o $file

numberOfActiveConnections=$(cat $file | awk ‘/Active /’ | awk ‘{print $3}’)
echo "$file : Active Connection $numberOfActiveConnections"

numberOfTotalAcceptedConnections=$(cat $file | grep -A 1 server | tail -1 | awk ‘{print $1}’)
echo "$file : Total Accepted Connection $numberOfTotalAcceptedConnections"

numberOfTotalhandledConnections=$(cat $file | grep -A 1 server | tail -1 | awk ‘{print $2}’)
echo "$file : Total Handled Connection $numberOfTotalhandledConnections"

echo "Number of Accepted and Handle remains same most of the time."
totalRequests=$(cat $file | grep -A 1 server | tail -1 | awk ‘{print $3}’)

numberOfRequestsPerSecond=$(echo ‘scale=2;’$totalRequests/$numberOfTotalAcceptedConnections | bc -l)
echo "Currently Server is serving $numberOfRequestsPerSecond / second."

echo "—————————————————————————————————————"



Output will be like:

Getting Nginx Status Page of Application URL
Application URL : Active Connection 39
Application URL : Total Accepted Connection 62032
Application URL : Total Handled Connection 59739
Number of Accepted and Handle remains same most of the time.
Currently Server is serving 43.02 / second.

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