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Digital marketing is a platform that uses the internet and other digital technologies to promote brands. This includes email, text and multimedia messages, social media marketing, etc.

We use different methodologies for different types of marketing. Marketing automation has made the field of marketing very easy. We can now perform a lot of activities using a single tool.

About Netcore

Netcore Smartech is an AI-Powered essential marketing automation tool that allows B2C companies to explore their astonishing products that help to achieve the desired business goals. It examines the data and gives us ample ways to increase our marketing ideas, campaign performance, etc. It can also be used to run personalized campaigns based on a contact’s identity, demographics, web activity, email activity, mobile activity, and purchase behavior.

It targets the customers according to their taste and acts as a messenger between the company and the client. It tracks customers’ behavior, tracks their clicks, shares, conversion rates. It also allows us to integrate this data with our other tools with the help of Shopify and Magento for web and Xamariin, Cordova, Ionic and PhoneGap for mobile app.

The main features provided by the tool are email marketing, SMS marketing, analytics, data management, campaign management, and webforms. Let’s take a look at all the features offered by Netcore automation.

1. ‘Smartech’ by Netcore

Netcore has launched a flagship product known as ‘Smartech’ which is an AI-based cross channel marketing automation. The main features provided are:

  • Help companies to listen to their customers across various devices, analyze those points by using 4R technology – the Right Person should get the Right Content at the Right Time through the Right Channel
  • Provide a unified view of the customer- preferences, demographics, transactions etc.
  • Can maintain our contacts database in one place and create advanced sections based on their email and SMS activities
  • Can send multi-channel broadcast through email, SMS push notification, and voice call from one single program
  • Provide ready-to-use templates and a drag and drop editor which helps in developing self templates
  • Web-tracking activity to send personalized campaigns like cart abandonment, follow-ups, and product recommendations
  • Automate all our business cases like lead nurturing and drip campaigns using cross channel automation
  • Define if the automation should start based on real-time events or historical data of the contacts
  • Select what actions should happen when and on what conditions. We can include actions like waiting period or sending emails, SMS push notifications, voice calls, updating attributes, and integrating data with the CRM through web hooks
  • Analyze the performance and the KPI of the campaigns and automation and gain meaningful insights
  • Help in establishing better customer relationships, improved marketing efficiency, and expanded business revenue

2. Email Broadcast Using Netcore

Netcore provides us with various types of templates which can be edited accordingly. It also helps to build email campaigns that can be sent to the right people at the right time.

a. Email Marketing

  • AI helps make every email effective
  • Choose the most inclined audience for our campaigns
  • Deliver emails at the right time and get the maximum ROI
  • Optimize our subject line based on historical performance
  • Perform A/B testing using this

b. Email API

  • Emails are delivered faster and smarter using AI
  • Evaluate email health like deliverability health score, speed of delivery, and inbox placement
  • Ensure that the email lands at top of the inboxes at the right time through Send Time Optimization

3. App Push Notifications using Netcore

  • Send personalized messages based on the user’s activity, name, and location to bring them back to the app
  • Create craft-rich push notifications using various interactive elements like images, GIFs, emojis to grab attention
  • Increase our delivery rates using ‘Smart Push’
  • Increase our CTRs by optimizing our campaign titles

4. Web Push Notifications using Netcore

  • Brings back the inactive visitors
  • Run A/B tests with smaller audiences to see which works best in terms of engagement and conversion
  • Deliver personalized messages about the appropriate products recommendations, content offers, and discounts 

5. WhatsApp Notifications

  • Converse with customers using WhatsApp chatbot and API advanced notification capabilities
  • Increase lead inflow exponentially via two-way conversation

6. SMS Broadcast

  • Customize text with customer names, CTAs, and their preferred time of engagement effortlessly through campaigns
  • Create dynamic customer segments for various campaign purposes
  • Schedule SMS campaigns based on the customers time zone
  • Analyze the real-time performance of SMS campaigns and know about the particular campaign that is producing the best conversions

7. Personalization

  • Personalize web push notifications, emails, in-app messages and app push notifications
  • Raman Insights, which monitors the activities done by the customers and then gives them pop up notifications based on them

8. Contacts

  • These are classified as identified and anonymous on the basis of the primary key (customer id or mobile number)
  • Add a contact in two ways- Single contact or via a file upload
  • Remove contacts from lists, blacklist contacts, and also delete contacts. If you remove any contact, it can still be viewed in ‘All Contacts’ but deleting a contact from all contacts deletes it from the entire system
  • Search contacts based on advanced search rules

9. Lists

  •   One can create a list of the contacts and it is optional.
  •   One can also create a suppression list that includes all the contacts to whom no broadcast should ever be sent.

10. Segment

  • Create segments from the complete contact database, across multiple lists, and also from one list
  • Segments can be based on certain conditions like user attributes (name, age, gender, salary), their device’s data (click on various links, performed specific action), and reachability on various communication channels (only available on email, and app push notifications)

11. App Push Template

  • Develop templates that can also act as a reference for forthcoming campaigns
  • Advanced section to add media and action buttons as well
  • Edit an existing template but it might affect your live campaigns

12. Dashboard

  • The dashboard can be customized as per the requirements and user’s level
  • A user can change the widgets according to them. Their latest changes will be saved until new changes are made
  • There are different types of dashboards – Home dashboard, Engagement dashboard, Behavior dashboard, Revenue dashboard and Raman insights

Summarizing the blog with the possible solutions for Netcore for some common challenges faced.

  • Dealing with increasing customer expectations – Raman based on AI technology analyze the behavior of the user and show the relevant product information
  • Dealing with Data Overload, and Using Customer Data – Netcore cloud helps us to store and manage all customer information collected.  Raman AI also helps us to scale the process of personalization. A unified view of key business metrics and actionable insights at your fingertips. No code is required to create presentations for reports. This will save our time and effort
  • Personalization – This is a single platform that provides nine different channels of personalization
  • Use of Artificial Intelligence – This analyzes the user’s activities and helps us with “what to do next”

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