Paypal Integration : Auto redirecting to application after processing payment

15 / Mar / 2011 by Vishal Sahu 3 comments


In my recent grails project, i needed to return back to the application after processing payment at the paypal website. I searched a lot about it. Then i found the solution to do so and thought it worth sharing.

Here are the steps i followed:-

1. The Paypal button:-
This is the code for putting the paypal button in any web-page

The email of merchant’s account or the seller account, the account to which payment is to be made and the email by which the account is registered is given in the hidden field “business”.


The URL to which we want application to return after processing payment is provided in the hidden field with the name “return” i.e.

This completes the application side implementation for paypal.

2. Paypal Account Configuration
Now we have to configure the Merchant’s account to Auto-redirect to the provided URL after processing the payment.

Steps to configure account are:-

1. Log in to Paypal Account
2. Click the Profile Link in sub-menu of My Account.

3. Under “Selling Preferences” click ‘Website Payment Preferences’ link.

4. Select the Auto-Return radio button to enable the auto return feature.

This enables the auto-redirect feature in the paypal account.

This worked for me.
Hope it helps.

Vishal Sahu


comments (3)

  1. Bhanu Gupta

    H Vishal,

    I am making an eCommerce application in Grails. I am using Shopping Cart plugin and PayPal plugin for the development purpose.
    I was looking into your Paypal Integration : Auto redirecting to application after processing payment post but the code is not visible in it.

    Please help me on this. I have to integrate PayPal and Shopping Cart in my eCommerce Store.

    Looking for a positive response.

    Thanks in advance.

  2. Zico

    i am looking for a technique after using paypal when the pay ment is done needs redirect to the website needs help.
    Is any body here?

  3. Taylor Brath

    I agree with this. How long did it take you to research? I’ve got a small business using but am always looking for ways to get better.


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