Using PostConstruct annotation with Grails Services

27 / Aug / 2012 by Ankur Tripathi 1 comments

We can use PostConstruct with Grails Services and injected Spring Beans. This PostConstruct annotation can be used to annotate a method which needs to be executed after dependency injection to perform any initialization.

import javax.annotation.PostConstruct

class PostConstructDemoService {

private void init() {
println "Initializing"
//your initialization code goes here. e.g connect to some Messaging Service

Check this for more details. We also have PreDestroy annotation.

Ankur Tripathi


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  1. Mike DeHaan

    While this does call the method marked with the annotation, this does not work when using domain objects within said method. If you attempt this, you receive:

    java.lang.IllegalStateException: Method on class [YourDomainObject] was used outside of a Grails application. If running in the context of a test using the mocking API or bootstrap Grails correctly.

    To initialize a bean such as this, I had to utilize the BootStrap mechanism to call an init() method.


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