Video Editing made easy with 10 simple tools!

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When art and science meet, video editing takes birth. Video editing is the method in which the Editor collects and weaves movie clips and forms an aesthetically beautiful video film. That edited piece is the most pleasing result the editor can have. And what contributes to achieving that pleasing result?

The answer is quite simple: EDITING TOOLS

So here’s a glimpse of 10 editing tools that put some soul into a video. That transforms the raw data and adds oomph to it.

1. Windows Movie Maker– Windows Movie Maker is a software that is quite useful for the one’s who aspire to become a great editor. It is a timeline based video editing tool, which can produce stunning videos with very few resources.

Features: Non-destructive editing, storyboard mode, and linear timecode display.

2. Adobe– Adobe Premier Pro is  very in-demand timeline based editing tool. It is available for Windows and Mac. USP of this editing tool is its Integration with After Effects and Photoshop making it one of it’s kind tool. It consists of top video masking features and superb transitions.

Features: Multi-Track editing, video tracks, storyboard mode, High Definition Support,  unlimited audio and linear timecode display.


3. Final Cut Pro– Final Cut Pro is the sole editing tool that has been able to carve that niche in the filmmaking industry. It is that video editing tool that has helped filmmakers to edit some of the exotic movies like The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo. The software was developed by Apple Inc. The only drawback for video editors is that they need to own a Mac to have access to FCP. The best editing tool inevitably comes with some conditions.

Features: High Definition Support, Storyboard mode, Non-destructive editing, up to 99 audio tracks and 99 video tracks.

4. Sony Vegas– Sony Vegas Movie Studio is the minimized version of Sony Vegas Pro, and it is meant for passionate professionals. The software has a simple interface and myriad features that can be helpful in making a spectacular video.

Features: It has the support for additional elements such as real-time effects, text, video stabilization, transitions and so on. This is an economical tool for the video editors who just can’t live without editing. It is available in MPEG-4, AVI, MP4, WAV and WMV formats.

5. Corel Video Studio– Corel Video Studio belongs to the lineage of  Corel Draw. They have modern graphics suite, powered by 64-bit power. Corel VideoStudio makes creative video editing very simple. It has the facilities of variable speed in video editing, easier ways to create overlays and titles, multi-monitor support, stop-motion animation and DSLR enlarged mode.

Features: High Definition Support, Linear timecode display, Non-destructive editing, six video tracks, four audio tracks and storyboard mode.

6. Lightworks– Lightworks is unique because, it is the only video editor that has the support for OS X, Microsoft Windows, and Linux. It has some impeccable applications like dedicated and powerful support for the background I/O, keyboard to accentuate the experience of video editing, multi-cam editing with professional real-time effects.

Features: HD Support, web export option, Non-destructive editing, storyboard mode, unlimited video tracks and audio tracks, background export, Linear timecode display, import and rendering.

7. Cinelerra– Cinelerra is a video editing software that lets Linux users edit videos in an instinctual manner. It is written in C++. Cinelerra offers very powerful features that have been simplified by the means of the simple UI. The UI Cinelerra has three sections; that is quite helpful to the editors—Timeline, Resource Window, Viewer, and Compositor.

Features: High Definition Support, Multi-Track editing, Linear Timecode display, Non-destructive editing,  unlimited video and audio tracks.

8. Pinnacle Studio– Pinnacle Studio is a widely used video editor available for Windows devices. It consists of some mind-boggling features, such as drag and drop editing of High Definition videos, overlay creation, timeline-based editing, six tracks, DVD authoring, title and free training. It also has the ability for adding sounds and music and collection of royalty-free tracks. Their vast collection of transitions & effects is very impressive. Pinnacle Studio has ensured top position when someone is looking for an efficient video editing software for Windows.

Features: High Definition Support, Linear timecode display, Multi-Track editing, Non-destructive editing, unlimited video and audio tracks.

9. Power Director– Power Director is a product of Cyber Link, which comes with a simple UI that allows any user get accustomed to the tool in seconds. Cyber Link Power Director is inclusive of an immense variety. It has options ranging from professional looking animations, slideshows to stunning videos. It is quite convenient for the editors to edit even when they are away from PC because Cyber Link has published Smartphone applications as well. Transitions are available on Direct Zone as well.

Features: High Definition support,  100 audio, NDE and video tracks, linear timecode display and storyboard mode.

10. AVS Video Editor–  AVS Video Editor can be the first choice of editors when one is looking for an easy-to-use tool to attain a professional and quality wise, rich video. Online Media Technologies developed AVS Video Editor.

Features: Huge amount of effects, support for Blu-ray videos, Ability to share videos directly through platforms like Facebook, Flicker and MySpace. Along with the useful features such as stabilization, Non-destructive Editing, Single Video Track, HD Support, Dual Audio track and multilingual support.


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