Infographic: 8 Benefits of Microservice Architecture

16 / Jun / 2017 by Shruti Kirti 0 comments

Traditional product teams work on a single monolithic deployment artifact. Monolithic architectural style puts all its functionality into a single process and scales by replicating the monolith on multiple servers. It is challenging to manage one large monolith continuously. Moreover, distributed teams find the application complex to understand, implement new features and test code defects.

Another concern area is continuous deployment. Software teams have to push changes multiples times in a day, and it is tough to redeploy the entire monolith again and again just to update a small part of it. This is where Microservices come to help. A lot of companies have now shifted from traditional development to Microservices approach because of various benefits that it offers.

In this Infographic, we have outlined eight main benefits of Microservices architecture. Read it on!






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