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TechFluence 2018: 1 Day To Go!!!

After 4 successful editions of Grails Conferences, TO THE NEW is back with something big this time and it covers a broad spectrum of technologies. Introducing our flagship annual technology conference TechFluence. The conference sets the stage for learnings on technologies such as Blockchain, AWS, Docker, Java, Spring, NodeJS, React,...

by Sakshi Tyagi
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Container Orchestration – Fundamentals and Best Practices

Introduction More and more companies globally are catching up with the DevOps trend. Companies are breaking down the siloed structure and automating delivery pipeline to reduce the release cycles and eliminate redundant tasks. While DevOps is gaining popularity, containers are not far in the race.  Container technology is bringing about...

by Apoorva Chawla
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Microservices and Node.js

Traditional software product development starts with one problem in mind and project continues to grow with an inclusion of new feature this leads to a single monolithic system. Every new functionality added increases complexity and difficulty in scaling system. Increasing functionality results in an increase in thousand lines of code...

by Prince Soni
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Infographic: 8 Benefits of Microservice Architecture

Traditional product teams work on a single monolithic deployment artifact. Monolithic architectural style puts all its functionality into a single process and scales by replicating the monolith on multiple servers. It is challenging to manage one large monolith continuously. Moreover, distributed teams find the application complex...

by Shruti Kirti
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