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Parties & celebrations have become a crucial part of workplace culture where employees enjoy festive time at their workplaces also.

Making workplace more vibrant often includes parties on various events so that a wondrous atmosphere is created.  Such an environment improves the relationships, builds team spirit & bonding, while providing a welcome break from daily routine.

At TO THE NEW, we love to party & celebrate. Apart from religious festivals like Diwali & Christmas we also celebrate events like New Year, Employee Birthday’s and our Foundation Day.

Annual celebrations motivate employees, where every employee becomes a part of celebrations.They all become a big family function and this is what we believe in @ TO THE NEW.

Decorating office, playing fun games, distributing gift vouchers and lot many other fun activities are a part of such celebrations at TO THE NEW.

We always keep a theme for every occasion that we celebrate here. For that, we give freedom to employees to pour in their ideas in order to plan a successful event. We invite their families to such events in order to acknowledge their importance for us and make them feel special.

Why we encourage such culture!!
The objective behind all this is not just to make an excellent work lifestyle but also to encourage the employees and to cultivate a feeling of belongingness among them.

There are other ways also to celebrate such events, probably by giving an off on that day or by just circulating a mail among employees. But here, we believe in eating, partying and celebrating together as we are a family 🙂


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  1. Kunal

    I would want my HR’s to see this and learn :P… The depiction of the culture and celebrations talk alot about the company…


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