Common Misconceptions About Video Metadata

06 / Oct / 2015 by Anusha Chhetry 0 comments

Before landing you to the Common Misconceptions about Video Metadata, let me first give you a little brief about what Video Metadata actually is.

Commonly heard from YouTube and video experts, this can be simply defined as achieving ‘data from data’. Yes! When we talk about videos, it becomes a challenge for one to spread the produced news in an up-scaled manner. It is absolutely true that channels who have already made a stand in the platform do not face the major issues of highlighting their creation to their target audience. However, those new here usually end up facing challenges as to how they can promote their videos. Additionally, keeping all these challenges apart, Wikipedia defines Video Metadata quite simply as:

Metadata is particularly useful in a video, where information about its contents (transcripts of conversations and text descriptions of its scenes) are not directly understandable by a computer, but where efficient search is desirable.

Coming back to the topic, there can be hundreds of misconception about Video Metadata. However, here are a few of the major ones that you will come across often:

1. Long Duration Videos Are The Only Best Videos

Usually, it is said that videos that are of a longer duration hold the interest of the targeted audience. Well, that cannot be claimed right because a video is termed BEST based majorly on its content! Additionally, one also cannot say that videos that are short stand eligible to cross the ‘fabulous’ mark for they require being attractive and of course, informative. Hence, all you have to ensure is that the contents in your videos should be exceptional and most importantly, they need to make sense!!


2. PC Makes Better Audience Connections Than Mobile Devices

Again a very common perception of several people around the globe! Though it is undeniable that your PC can give any video much better clarity, but, this is an advanced world with every alternate person owning a mobile phone! Right from urban to those residing in the rural areas, mobile phones are a man’s new best friend today and this gives your video metadata a chance to reach far and wide.


3. Creating Quality Videos Require Deep Pockets
Many believe that creating a high-quality video can cost one the Earth! However, that is absolutely false! In this tech-savvy world, where one can come across a thousand of fantastic gadgets, what can be a better option than your mobile phones to create videos! Available in all features today along with the several apps you get online, creating your own video or of the ones around never got this easy before! 🙂



4. Only An Excellent Video Can Dominate SEO
While web videos have great potential to drive traffic and enhance statistics of a website, an SEO approach can do wonders! Just as a video can grab the attention of millions of people across the globe, search engine act as a guide to boosting your videos’ searchability. Hence, proper metadata, transcripts and summaries are essential to beat the constant changes of several search engine algorithms and allow your contents reach the path to success.



5. Only Creative Contents Are Easy To Get Identified
There’s no denying to the fact that a video boasting a USP or certain facts or humor, automatically climbs the ladder of success in YouTube. However, there is nothing to panic for those emerging vloggers or businesses too, for the doors to this competitive world of creativity are never closed! While there are millions of talents flooding the platform with their fantastic contents related to technology, travel, music, fashion tips, DIY and so on, you also come across several others who have reached the heights of success just with their creative contents, perfectly blended with the SEO tools!



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