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SEO in 2021 – Trends, Predictions, Tips & Strategy

As the New Year is around the corner, everyone is looking for expected trends for their respective industry in 2021. The same is the case with the SEO industry. The Google Keywords tool is showing the following keywords that people are searching across the world: SEO trends 2021 SEO 2021 SEO strategy 2021 SEO tips 2021 There...

by Ankit Gupta
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Link Sculpting in 2020 – How to Effectively Distribute it?

"May the lord give you ample link juice and the wisdom to distribute it wisely" There is a moment in every internet marketer’s life when they need alternative and sophisticated strategies to work. So what about it? Link sculpting, when put, is “effectively distributing the ranking influence of the pages of your pages, within...

by Ankit Gupta
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BERT – The Curious Update of Google

Even the founders of Google never ever imagined that Google would become a search behemoth after 20 years. There is a lot of elements that make Google a search engine market piece; one of the main, Google understands search intent and provides point-to-point information for each user.  The secret ingredient behind Google’s...

by Ankita Awasthi
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Optimization of AngularJS Single-Page Applications for Web Crawlers

I am assuming that you’ve seen websites developed on AngularJS. If not, here are a few sites using AngularJS you would be familiar with: Youtube Netflix Weather IStockPhoto AngularJS is taking over the robust development around the world. There’s a good reason for that React-style framework that makes better developer...

by Ankit Gupta
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Video Sitemaps

What are video sitemaps? Video sitemaps is the most efficient way that tells Google where and what the video content is on your site. It helps to get all the content which we might not discover otherwise by our usual crawling methods. It will index the content in search engines such as As per Google itself: “...

by Smriti Chawla
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SEO Internationalisation FAQs

Here are the FAQs for International SEO which were available on Gooogle earlier this year. Multilingual sites Q: What’s the best URL structure for a multilingual site? A: We detect the language on a per-URL basis; you don’t need to use any special structure. However, it’s important that each language version is on a...

by Ankit Gupta
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Common Misconceptions About Video Metadata

Before landing you to the Common Misconceptions about Video Metadata, let me first give you a little brief about what Video Metadata actually is. Commonly heard from YouTube and video experts, this can be simply defined as achieving 'data from data'. Yes! When we talk about videos, it becomes a challenge for one to spread the produced...

by Anusha Chhetry
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Angular + SEO

There's a phase in every project when development reaches its completion and next step is to make it search engine friendly. When I had to do this task in my project, at that time I was a little bit confident that this is a very simple task and we just need to set meta tags and some other html tags so that google can crawl easily. But...

by Rubi Saini
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YouTube Optimization

10 Ultimate Ways to Optimize Your Videos on YouTube

  YouTube being the second-largest search engine, it owns the most videos shared and watched within social networks like Facebook and Twitter. YouTube has over 4 billion videos being viewed every single day and has 60 hours of video being uploaded every minute. When it comes to the video market, YouTube is the biggest giant! A...


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Video SEO – Key to online video services

With fall in viewership across traditional television channels, video content owners are looking to augment their revenue from digital Over-The-Top (OTT) platforms such as YouTube, Hulu etc. Video content owners who are serious on setting up a sustainable revenue stream from digital platforms, need a clear focused digital strategy....

by Sachin
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What is Google Web Optimization, How to use or apply it in your project?

Recently as part of POC, I need to apply the Google web optimizer on various parts of the page to determine which content user clicked to best and will be most effective in getting conversions. For this you need to keep track of the various conversions, but how? That's where Google web optimizer come handy, providing reports based on...

by Tarun Pareek
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