Create Auto Scaling Groups from Running Amazon EC2 Instances

30 / Sep / 2014 by Prashant Sharma 0 comments

Once Again My blog is about Auto-Scaling.Where we can setup the Auto-Scaling for the running instance. As this could one of the scenarios where you need to implement Auto Scaling for your existing applications, and want to do so without having to shut down your instances.And same was announced by AWS in month jan 2014.

To create an Auto Scaling group using an instance ID,Enter below given command with following parameters.

  • auto-scaling-group-name : Test
  • instance-id : i-0dee875F
  • load-balancer-names :Testing
  • availability-zones :us-east-1a
  • max-size 3
  • min-size 1
  • desired-capacity 2

[js]aws autoscaling create-auto-scaling-group –auto-scaling-group-name test –instance-id i-0dee875e –load-balancer-names Testing –availability-zones "us-east-1a" –max-size 3 –min-size 1 –desired-capacity 2 [/js]

Command to describe auto scaling group

[js]aws autoscaling describe-auto-scaling-groups –output text [/js]

Command to describe launch configuration

[js]aws autoscaling describe-launch-configurations –output text[/js]

Note : In this process there is no need to create the Launch Coniguration ,While creating the Autoscaling group using above mentioned command ,It will automatically create the launch configuration and will parse all needed parameters from the running configuration.

Prashant Sharma

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