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AWS OpsWorks Best Practices

We, the DevOps team at TO THE NEW have been practicing the DevOps Methodology from the last few years. We call ourselves DevOps architects, who love to do automation irrespective of the scripting language or cloud platform. As a DevOps architect, I have been using OpsWork from quite a long time. Hence, today I thought of sharing few of...


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Configure Amazon SES with Exim

I have been working on different MTAs since the last couple of years. This time, the Exim4 use-case which I encountered was to sends emails using premium Email Service Provider. Use-case: We were supposed to send thousands of emails like auto-reply emails or newsletters from our dedicated server(Ec2 machines) inside the private...


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AWS re:Invent 2015 – Day 3 @Las Vegas

The Day 3 started with keynotes from Dr. Werner Vogels (Chief Technology Officer) with astounding product announcements and customer stories from Netflix, Airbnb, Parse etc. AWS seemed leaned towards Internet of Things and presented excellent use cases where AWS can be utilized for IoT. Now once again AWS has proved they are leading the...


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AWS re:Invent 2015 – Day 2 @Las Vegas

Day 2 here in Vegas @ re-Invent started with an unimpeachable energy of 19000 ninjas with Keynotes of  Andy Jassy (SVP, Web Services @ Amazon). In 120 minutes, he gave the insight of new AWS growth metrics and made 12 announcements which include new services and features. New Services and Features Announcements ...


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AWS re:Invent 2015 – Day 1 @Las Vegas

So, the big event has started and TO THE NEW is also taking part at AWS re:Invent 2015 annual conference this year again. This event is going to feature more than 250+ Technical session, Keynotes announcements, Partner expo, Hackathon and many more. A huge number of companies are here to showcase their product at Partner expo and...


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Block admin login page attack using Fail2ban

Recently on my project, someone did brute force attack over the login page of WordPress with multiple IPs. In the first response, we have blocked those IP on Nginx conf and later we realized, it would be better if we do it through IPtables. However, this was not enough as we need the manual intervention on the daily basis, hence things...



SSH tunneling with AWS private subnet

It has been a long time while I was working over the project where we required accessing Rabbit MQ dashboard. I know accessing the Rabbit MQ is not the difficult task but my scenario was bit complex. Scenario: I was supposed to access Rabbit MQ dashboard from AWS Linux machine which is placed in the private subnet of VPC (AWS) with no...



Migrate Elastic IP Address from EC2-Classic to EC2-VPC

In my recent use case , I thought of migrating EC2 classic elastic IP from EC2 classic to EC2-VPC. So now Amazon does provide this feature to migrate Ip form EC2 classic to EC2 VPC but not sure when it was released. As of know it can be only done using EC2 Query API or AWS CLI. Moreover there are some key points needs to be focused are...



Building MySql Database Test Plan Using Jmeter

In this blog we will setup the jmeter and we will see how to create a simple test plan to test the database server.We will use MySql database server for our test purpose or you can use any-other database. Setup requirement Download the latest jmeter from here and untar jmeter in you home directory. Download JDBC driver is...



CloudFront Monitoring Using CloudWatch

Amazon CloudFront Allow us to monitor our website or application using CloudWatch.Using metrics, we can specify a time interval of as little as one minute for time periods in the previous two weeks. Following cloudwatch metrics are provided by CloudFront. 1. Requests – Number of requests for all HTTP methods and for both HTTP and...



IAM user’s access key last used information

Yesterday AWS rolled out the new feature to enhance security for IAM user Access and Secret Key.Going forward now, IAM reports the time stamp when access keys were last used along with the region and the AWS service that was accessed.All these details can be seen from the IAM console, programmatically via the API/CLI/SDK, or in the...



Find EBS snapshot using python boto

Since we have already covered the basic configuration and installation of boto in the previous blog by @Vikash, Here we will be discussing about one of the common use case of daily routine. In this script we will find out the snapshot of the particular volume in specific region.So parameter to find the snapshots are Region:In which...