Creating Thumbnails For Video Uploaded in DAM

18 / May / 2015 by Deepak Khetawat 0 comments

Once the videos get uploaded in the CQ DAM, the next step is about creating a thumbnail for it. This blog will help you in creating a thumbnail for photos and video which are uploaded in CQ DAM.

Once I was trying to create a thumbnail for photos and videos that are already uploaded in DAM Admin. Though I was able to create thumbnails for photos easily but was facing issues while generating thumbnails for the videos.

Here is a snapshot below depicting no thumbnail rendition created for an uploaded Video.


Now for getting these thumbnails and for things to work properly, I installed ffmpeg
on the Server Hosting Machine (may be Local/Dev instance for testing, Production instance for release ) and added the ffmpeg\bin directory to the PATH variable in Environment Variables Section. (You may download ffmpeg from

Here is the snapshot depicting thumbnail renditions created for the uploaded video.

Rendtitions_With_FFMPEG Plugin

PS: By Default thumbnails of particular renditions are created via DAM Update Assetworkflow which is triggered on uploading Asset in DAM and using this Workflow a new workflow can be created for creating thumbnail of other rendition sizes for Photo/Video.

Though CQ DAM relies on ffmpeg plugin for creating thumbnail renditions of uploaded video however this needs to be installed manually on the Server (CQ Instance). You may follow the steps mentioned above to install and run this.

Hope this blog give you a easy way of creating thumbnails !!



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