Deepak Khetawat


Registering a Servlet for every Page in AEM

UseCase: - I had a situation in which needed to return custom information corresponding to every page in AEM and also use it via component to display to end user . -Then i have to invoke a Servlet on every page and with the use of selector want to return some information in JSON Format which can be used to display via Component on a...



Creating Thumbnails For Video Uploaded in DAM

Once the videos get uploaded in the CQ DAM, the next step is about creating a thumbnail for it. This blog will help you in creating a thumbnail for photos and video which are uploaded in CQ DAM. Once I was trying to create a thumbnail for photos and videos that are already uploaded in DAM Admin. Though I was able to create thumbnails...



Steps to access and explore CQ Internal Project

The purpose of this blog is to provide generic components and services  functionalities needed  in  projects . The CQ Internal project is hosted at "" The Steps to reproduce functionalities of internal project are: 1.Create a new folder where you would like to take checkout of code . ...