Discovering grails goodness: Scoped Services

29 / Dec / 2011 by Mohd Farid 1 comments

Recently, I got to learn about the scoped services in grails and I found it worth sharing. For instance: A Service marked as ‘session’ scoped would be instantiated once for a session and remains there throughout the lifetime of the session. This can be used to store user specific data in this service bean class.
class SessionDataService {
static scope = ‘session’
Date lastLogin =new Date()
String getInfo()
"lastLogin: ${lastLogin.format(‘HH:mm:ss’)}"

So, wherever I intend to use session for storing user data, I would rather use session scoped service.

Hope that helps.

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Mohd Farid


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  1. Matthias

    In my personal opinion this is way to complicated for storing simple and obvious stuff like some id but it is a perfect solution for storing more complicated things. You should also be aware that having fat session is a performance hit and a pain in the neck when scaling the application to multiple instances.
    Yes, I do know about sticky session and all that but still the best results can be achieved with applications that can serve every request by any of the instances.


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