Embracing the Future: The Drupal Starshot Initiative

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Drupal has been a leading open-source content management system (CMS) for over two decades. In a transformative move, Dries Buytaert, the creator of Drupal, has introduced the Drupal Starshot initiative. Announced 23 years after the original launch of Drupal, this initiative aims to make Drupal’s powerful features more user-friendly and accessible. This blog explores the vision, features, and potential impact of the Drupal Starshot initiative.

Why Starshot?

Site Builders without Drupal experience can easily build and launch Open source Drupal websites.

The Vision Behind Drupal Starshot:


Drupal Starshot represents a significant leap in making Drupal more accessible and easy to use while retaining its robust capabilities. Dries Buytaert envisions Starshot as a “Moonshot” project for Drupal, emphasizing the need for continuous innovation to keep Drupal at the forefront of web development. The goal is to democratize Drupal’s powerful tools, making them available to a broader audience, including non-developers.

Key Features of Drupal Starshot

  1. Next-Generation Page Builder
    • Designed to offer greater flexibility and ease of use, the next-generation page builder will enable users to create sophisticated web pages without requiring deep technical expertise.
  2. Project Browser and Recipes
    • This feature allows users to install pre-configured setups for common use cases, simplifying the setup process and enabling users to get their sites operational quickly.
  3. Automatic Updates
    • Automatic updates will streamline the process of keeping Drupal sites current with the latest features and security patches, reducing the administrative burden on-site owners.
  4. Key Contributed Modules
    • Integrating essential contributed modules directly into the default setup, Starshot provides immediate access to critical functionalities without extensive customization.
  5. Easy Configuration and Default Content
    • The initiative aims to offer ready-to-use configurations and default content, reducing the initial setup time and helping users start building their sites quickly.


Objectives of Drupal Starshot

Ease of Use

  • The primary objective of Starshot is to make Drupal more accessible to users without prior experience. By offering a comprehensive, user-friendly out-of-the-box experience, Starshot lowers the barrier to entry for new users.

Rapid Deployment

  • Starshot focuses on enabling users to transition from installation to a fully functional site swiftly. This rapid deployment capability is crucial for organizations looking to launch websites efficiently.


  • The initiative fosters a fast-moving open-source environment that encourages rapid innovation. By allowing for more frequent updates and community contributions, Starshot ensures that Drupal remains at the cutting edge of web development technology.

Governance and Development

Parallel Development

  • Drupal Starshot will be developed in parallel with Drupal Core. This approach maintains the stability of Drupal Core while allowing for faster innovation within the Starshot initiative. Both versions will coexist and evolve together.

Community Involvement

  • The Drupal community plays a vital role in the development of Starshot. Community members are encouraged to contribute to the project, bringing fresh ideas and perspectives. This collaborative approach helps shape the future of Drupal and ensures it meets the needs of its diverse user base.

Differences from Existing Drupal Core

A user-friendly UI with no experience required.


Starshot Prototype

User Experience

  • While Drupal Core offers a modular approach that is highly customizable, Starshot focuses on delivering a comprehensive, user-friendly out-of-box experience. This makes it easier for new users to get started with Drupal without needing extensive technical knowledge.

Bundled Features

  • Starshot comes pre-packaged with features that are immediately useful. This reduces the need for extensive customization during the initial setup, allowing users to focus on building their sites rather than configuring the CMS.

Impact and Future Prospects


Starshot Importance

Broadening Usability

  • By making Drupal more accessible to non-developers, Starshot has the potential to significantly broaden Drupal’s user base. This increased accessibility can drive more adoption and foster a larger, more diverse community.

Driving Innovation

  • The rapid development and frequent updates enabled by Starshot will keep Drupal at the cutting edge of web development technology. This innovation will benefit all users, from small businesses to large enterprises.

Strengthening the Open Web

  • Drupal has a long history of being a leader in the Open Web. Starshot reinforces this leadership by making powerful web development tools accessible to everyone. This democratization of web development aligns with Drupal’s mission to promote an open and inclusive web.
Starshot Principles

Starshot Principles

Starshot Release

Drupal Starshot is expected to be launched by the end of 2024. It will combine Drupal’s top features with better user-friendly UI/UX. It’s going to be the biggest update to Drupal since the switch to modern object-oriented PHP with Drupal 8.


Starshot Release


Drupal Starshot is set to usher in a new era for Drupal, making it more accessible, user-friendly, and innovative. By integrating the best features from the contributed project ecosystem and focusing on ease of use, Starshot promises to deliver an exceptional out-of-box experience. Whether you are a seasoned developer or new to Drupal, Starshot offers powerful tools to create dynamic web experiences quickly and efficiently. As we look forward to its launch at the end of 2024, the Drupal community is excited about the possibilities that Starshot will bring.


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