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25 / Sep / 2012 by Vishal Sahu 2 comments


In the previous blog we saw how to fetch twitter users based on some search criteria using the Twitter4j library, a java wrapper available for Twitter API calls.

In the same grails project, i had the requirement to display the recent twitter followers of authenticated twitter accounts. Twitter4j library provides a way to get the IDs of twitter followers in the ordered way, which can further be used to get the information of the latest followers. It helped me a lot to make quick list of user’s recent followers on twitter.

Twitter API needs to have twitter account access_token and access_secret, which we obtains after authorizing/connecting twitter account with the application as mentioned in this blog.

Code to fetch recent twitter followers:-

       TwitterFactory factory = new TwitterFactory()
        Twitter twitter = factory.getInstance()
        twitter.setOAuthConsumer(consumerKey, consumerSecret)
        AccessToken accessToken = new AccessToken(twitterToken, twitterSecret)
        String twitterScreenName = twitter.getScreenName()
        IDs followerIDs = twitter.getFollowersIDs(twitterScreenName, -1)
        List<Integer> followerIdList = followerIDs.IDs
        if (followerIdList?.size() > 0) {
            int numberOfFollowers = Math.min(followerIdList.size(), 20)
            followerIdList = followerIdList.subList(0, numberOfFollowers)
            followerIdList.each {
                twitter4j.User user = twitter.showUser(it)
                  println("Name: ${user.screenName}")
                  println("Location: ${user.location}")

This code will fetch the recent 20 followers from the user’s twitter account.

Hope this helps.


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  1. akhilesh

    List followerIdList = followerIDs.IDs- here i got an error that “IDs cannot be resolved or is not a field”
    twitter4j.User user = twitter.showUser(it) here also i got an error that “it cannot be resolved to a variable”
    sorry i am beginner .. pls help me thanks in advance


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