Grails 2.1 command line alias

18 / Aug / 2012 by Uday Pratap Singh 1 comments

I am a linux user and like to do everything on command line, I find it more productive. Anytime I need to write long command or use any command frequently, I always create an alias for that, for example while running the test cases I need to run the command so I created alias for this in my bashrc

alias testunit=’grails test-app unit:’

But there are so many and my bashrc keeps on increasing (though I am least concern of this as I have separate file for this). Here is the good news, now grails 2.1 has its own support for aliases so I created the alias for running tests

grails alias unit test-app unit:

and now I can run my test by typing

grails unit

Actually grails reads and writes aliases to the file


Now I can create the commonly used grails aliases in this file and share it with my team.
Isn’t it cool. Hope it helps


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