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I am Uday Pratap Singh, a Groovy Follower, Grails Learner, and Spock Lover working at TO THE NEW in technology division. Please go through my blog posts below

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Application configurations setting in Grails 3

Grails has done lot of changes with its latest release in Grails 3, using configuration is one of them. Now we can write application configurations in application.yml and application.groovy as well and to read these property we can need to write the following code. [code] class ExampleController { GrailsApplication...



Grails Clean Code – Configure Codenarc Plugin

Grails gives us the freedom to create web applications quickly and with maximum productivity, but with the fast development, we often leave the basic code quality rules and after a few months of project we end up so much messy code that even we are not able to read it, forget about understanding it. Codenarc really helps to identify...


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Day 4 at SpringOne 2GX 2014 | The Finale

The final day of SpirngOne 2GX went just like a Mega Finale where they kept best for the last. There were only 3 sessions today, but each one was like one of the best. Here the few highlights of the sessions #  Micro Service Architecture with Spring Boot and Groovy : Marco Vermeulen Beautifully explained the concept of micro...



Day 3 at SpringOne 2GX 2014

Day 3 started sharp at 7:30 with the breakfast and then the sessions started from 8:30 AM and continued till 6:00 PM. The day was jam packed with varying sessions on Groovy, Grails, performance optimisation and the "Groovy puzzlers show" (Yes, it was a show ;) ). The highlights of the day were: #  Microservice Architecture With...



Day 2 at SpringOne 2GX 2014

Day 2 kicked off and we had very really cool sessions planned around Groovy, Grails and Spring Boot. It was quite an experience listening to all the new features and changes coming over the horizon of Groovy and Grails. A quick excerpt of the day follows: # Groovy in 2014 and beyond : Guillaume Laforge Groovy trait took over the...



Day 1 at Springone2gx 2014 | Opening night keynotes

The much awaited conference of the Java ecosystem "SpringOne 2GX" started in Dallas at the Omni Dallas Hotel with a jam packed hall full of eager registrants. The hall was fully packed pretty soon with 1000+ attendees and we talked to around 250+ people about IntelliGrape, Grails and the amazing work we do at IntelliGrape. We were amazed...



Applying layout to template at Runtime in Grails Application

There are use cases where we render the template from our action and update some div in the page using ajax. The downside of this approach is when the user hits the url directly in browser address bar and the UI get totally messed up. So to fix this issue we need to apply the layout at runtime and its pretty easy in grails to do...



Creating database in Phonegap

Currently I am building a mobile app using Phonegap. In my project I need to store the data into the database and refresh it with server time to time. Phonegap have the Storage API to do this. Storage API is based on the W3C HTML5 webdatabase. So we just need to create the database and corresponding table according to the webdatabase...



Dynamically changing select value of jQuery Mobile select box

jQuery mobile gives you a very beautiful UI which is compatible with all popular mobile device platforms and i must say its very easy to learn as well. It gives you a very nice select menu instead of typical select box that we see on our web site, for this we just need to add attribute "data-native-menu" in our select and we are done,...


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Download and Store External Files to Mobile in PhoneGap

In my current PhoneGap project, I was required to give the offline support of the application. I had to store all the external files on the device and refer the file from local device path. This required a thorough knowledge of storing external files on a device using PhoneGap. PhoneGap comes with very handy FileTransfer API which...



Get the full application storage path in Phonegap

Phonegap gives me the freedom of creating mobile app with my existing knowledge of HTML, CSS, Javascript. It has a very nice javascript API to access the device features like camera, contacts, file etc.   There are times when you need know where your files are stored. Specially when you are providing the offline support of the app...



Pessimistic locking in Grails

We already know that by default Grails scaffold comes with Optimistic locking and it is achieved by version field. Now lets see how Pessimistic locking is achieved in Grails. Grails has a built in method to acquire lock on object. To acquire a lock we will do something like following [java] Book book = Book.get(1) book.lock() ...