Grails debugging in version 2.3.x and above

Hi everyone,

Some time ago I was trying to debug my Grails application which was running on Grails version 2.3.4. I usually debug using remote debug configuration inside IntelliJ IDEA and issuing a command like “grails-debug run-app”. But strangely grails-debug is no more supported, and your application will run as normal without debugger attached.

So the workaround is to use grails command like this “grails run-app –debug-fork” or like this “grails –debug-fork run-app”, you can go either way. Now when you remote debug your application, IDEA will be able to attach debugger on your application and after some time depending on your application how much time it takes to come up you will see in your command window “Server running. Browse to http://localhost:8080/<my application>/”

I hope it would save you on running your Grails application again using debug mode.


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  1. Thathianinha

    Is this only me or everyone is hanivg issues with debug level logging level only.Can’t get my class debug logging to show up despite configuring the config file with log4j { debug ‘com.blah’}


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