Manvendra Pratap Singh


Grails 3 and Deployment to Tomcat Container

Any web application consists mainly of two tasks, i.e, development, and deployment. For web application development, we can use any tools but for deployment, we need to be careful of what environments are supported by the framework. At the time of Grails 2, we just needed to execute grails war and put the generated war to a container,...


AngularJS, Front End Development

JHipster : RAD with Spring Boot and AngularJS

What if we want to build our new app with technology like Spring Boot exhibiting REST APIs with an AngularJS front end? This basically involves 2 steps: Setup the backend app using Spring Boot Setup the frontend app using AngularJS Setting up these 2 separate environments have their own quirks. Beside of setting up the framework...


Grails, Technology

Debugging your Grails 3.0.x application

Every new version of Grails brings some enhancements, and challenges on developer side too. Starting Grails 2.3.x, we had to change our approach to use debugger with our application, and with Grails 3.x coming out, we need to change approach to use debugger again. As Grails now uses Spring Boot and Gradle, we have to hook into bootRun...


Grails, Technology

Upgrading a Grails app from version 1.3.7 to version 2.4.4

Hello Grails users, We recently worked on a grails project which needed to upgrade in terms of code base and tests. The basic idea was to get the app in working state after upgrading the underlying powerful engine known as Grails. But it was a serious business, as the app contained 654 files with 1,00,833 LOC (which includes tests...



Customizing URL Formats in Grails (Making your URLs case insensitive)

When I started working on Grails I quickly noticed one caveat in its URL patterns. I wonder why on the Earth anybody would want such camel casing in URLs. Misreading the case sensitive nature of a Grails app URL can lead to broken links and 404 errors. That means you need to be careful when playing with how your URLs look like. For...



JavaScript’s return statement gotcha

Hi everyone, This blog is about how JavaScript parses your script (source code) when it encounters return statement. We can write code using any one style of following two: Style 1: [sourcecode language="java"] function func() { return 6; } [/sourcecode] and Style 2: [sourcecode language="java"] function func() ...



Grails debugging in version 2.3.x and above

Hi everyone, Some time ago I was trying to debug my Grails application which was running on Grails version 2.3.4. I usually debug using remote debug configuration inside IntelliJ IDEA and issuing a command like "grails-debug run-app". But strangely grails-debug is no more supported, and your application will run as normal without...



Shell script to control the brightness of display

The problem I was facing for sometime is setting brightness of my laptop that is running Ubuntu 12.10. Unfortunately this function is not  available in my laptop. So I started my investigation to get this functionality. Then I found the xrandr command. A similar is xbacklight command, but it's not of much use. xrandr is very typical to...