Group By in MongoDB(with $group)

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MongoDB provides a rich set of aggregation. $group is one of them, with the help of $group, we can group documents (similar as group By in SQL). Lets understand by an example:

Suppose we have following collection of blogs:

{ userId:1, name:"Suroor", title:"AngularJS: Getting started with Directive", rating:3}
{ userId:2, name:"Amit", title:"AngularJS: Getting started with Directive", rating:5}
{ userId:3, name:"PI", title:"Prototype in Javascript", rating:4}
{ userId:2, name:"Amit", title:"this keyword in Javascript", rating:5}

And now we want to group all the blogs by userId and rating greater then 3:

db.blogs.aggregate([{$match:{rating:{$gt:3}}}, {$group:{ _id: '$userId', title: { $push: '$title'}}}]);

This will return grouped result of all the blogs with id and title whose rating is greater then 3. Here $match will match the condition, $group groups all the documents by field-name which is provided as _id and $push will add the title into result.


	"result" : [
			"_id" : 3,
			"title" : [
				"Prototype in Javascript"
			"_id" : 2,
			"title" : [
				"AngularJS: Getting started with Directive",
				"this keyword in Javascript"
	"ok" : 1

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