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MONGOOSE Tips and Tricks for Uncommon Cases

Mongoose is an object modelling package for Node that essentially works like an ORM for many popular languages much like Hibernate is for JAVA. Below are some of the mongoose special scenario(s) I stepped upon while working on the project. It took me some time to figure it out. Hopefully below details would prove helpful to you thereby...

by Rachit Jain
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Agile, AWS

CloudFoundry PaaS – Introduction

Cloudfoundry: Open Source Platform as a Service A platform used for running applications and services. The purpose of cloudfoundry is to change the way apps and services are deployed and run by reducing the cycle time of development to deployment. Cloud Foundry directly takes benefits of cloud-based resources such that apps running...

by Deepak Bansal
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Troubleshooting MongoDB Replication Cluster

MongoDB is an efficient, reliable and fast processing database for the applications which generate the data in a schema-free manner. For high-availability of data in MongoDB, we use MongoDB replicas. We generally face some issues in managing and syncing the cluster, which doesn’t let us achieve the full flavour of Mongo...

by Tarun Saxena
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MongoDB Replica set using Docker Networking and Docker Compose

Recently, I got a chance to dockerize a traditional MongoDB replica set. Currently, I am doing it for QA and UAT environment where MongoDB replica set is setup on a single host. So, in this blog, we will do it on a single host using Docker Networking and Docker Compose. Scenario: Set up a MongoDB replica using version 3.0.5 set...

by Navjot Singh
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How to deploy MongoDB Docker Containers using Chef

In my last blog, we discussed how to setup MongoDB replica set on Docker, and in this blog we'll be discussing setting up MongoDB docker containers using Chef. After going through this blog, you will be able to setup multiple MongoDB customized docker containers with ease. Use Case: As discussed in the previous blog, we earlier use...

by Neeraj Gupta
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Monitoring MongoDB using New Relic

Scope This blog illustrates advantages of New Relic over different monitoring strategies and step by step method to configure new relic plugin for mongoDB. What is New Relic? New Relic is a SaaS model (Software as a service) that provides capabilities to monitor applications in real-time. Why I chose New Relic to monitor MongoDB...

by Naina Motwani
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Mongo Monitoring Service to ensure uptime of MongoDB

Mongo Monitoring Service(MMS) is a service that ensures that the MongoDB is up and running and can alert us when the service is stopped/restarted.It can be run on an on-premise architecture or in the cloud like AWS. Use Case We have multiple servers running MongoDB service and they are present in different environments as Production,...

by Ankit Giri
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A use case and implementation of MongoDB Aggregation queries.

In any DBMS, aggregations are operations that process data records and return computed results. MongoDB provides a rich set of aggregation operations that examine and perform calculations on the data sets. Running data aggregation on the mongod instance simplifies application code and limits resource requirements. In my current...

by Manish Kapoor
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High performance find query using lean() in mongoose

Lets start with a basic find query in mongoose and observe its execution time. [js] Event.find({'schedule.closing': {'$gte': +new Date()}}, {}, {limit:20, skip:0} ).exec(function (err, events){ ........ ........ } ); [/js] In my last project on Nodejs, I have used the above query to fetch the events...

by Sakshi Tyagi
Tag: MongoDB


A level ahead with text search in mongoDb

In our previous post, we saw how simply we could use the free text search feature from MongoDB. In continuation to that, in this post we would be looking at how can we create multiple text indexes and understand how actually the things work. Document Scoring MongoDB assigns a score to each of the document that contains the search term...

by Sakshi Tyagi
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Free text search in MongoDb

MongoDb introduced free text search beta in its v2.4 but it was in experimental phase. In v.2.6, MongoDb has finally made its free text search (the most requested feature) production ready. In this post, we will have a look at how can we use this pretty useful feature that MongoDb offers us. To enable Free text search, Mongodb...

by Sakshi Tyagi
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Big Data, Grails

Our Experiences of MongoDB afternoon in New Delhi and Bangalore

We at IntelliGrape are an enthusiastic lot when it comes to technology conferences and knowledge sharing sessions. So lot of us were pretty excited to hear the news about mongoDB organising conferences in Delhi and Bangalore. More so, because we are early adaptors of MongoDB. Our entire Node.JS service line uses MongoDB as preferred...

by Narinder Kumar
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