How Alibaba Cloud is disrupting the Cloud ecosystem?

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The ongoing technological evolution has influenced both, the customers and businesses alike. Evolving digital consumers and the rise of digital technologies such as IoT, Mobility, Cloud have together impacted the way of conducting business.

There  is a need for global organizations to keep up with the pace of competitors and be digitally up to date with the latest and greatest in the vogue. Digital transformation can instil growth and bring business agility. One of the key fundamentals to successful digital transformation is IT infrastructure overhaul and modernization, moving away from the legacy and traditional systems. Of the many digital advances, Cloud adoption has tremendously increased owing to multiple benefits such as cost efficiency, scalability, flexibility and more.

There are various mature players such as Amazon Web Services, Microsoft Azure, Rackspace Cloud and Google Cloud Platform that are offering customized cloud solutions to both mature enterprises and evolving businesses. They have been building flexible, stable and profitable products for quite sometime now. However, there was a clear scope for something new, exciting and disruptive and Alibaba Cloud embraced this opportunity. Alibaba Cloud is the new kid on the block that is disrupting the global Cloud ecosystem.

Alibaba Cloud is helping customers to achieve their digital transformation goal with innovative products and services. Some of the products are services include Elastic Computing, Storage & CDN, Security, Analytics and Database Services. Alibaba Cloud’s international operations are registered and headquartered in Singapore, and the company has international teams stationed in Dubai, Frankfurt, Hong Kong and multiple other places across the globe. However, what stands them apart is the great deal of China expertise as they can help companies break into the China market with all the required Cloud and Infra support.

We would like to highlight some more value additions and benefits Alibaba Cloud offers:

High security

Alibaba Cloud focuses on data security by complying with high-level international certifications including gold certification in Cloud security by the British Standards Institute.

Alibaba also offers record-breaking anti-DDos mechanism which helps to safeguard web applications. Alibaba Cloud protects its customers against more than 1,000 DDoS attacks each day. All Alibaba Cloud ECS instances integrate Anti-DDoS protection so that applications do not succumb to DDoS and Trojan attacks. Moreover, it also helps to monitor real-time visibility of security breaches and block common attack patterns.

Alibaba Cloud invests resources  heavily into Anti-DDos Pro service. Alibaba Cloud’s Anti-DDoS Pro is built to provide over 2 Tbps capacity of DDoS mitigation. Anti-DDoS Pro can also mitigate attacks with less than 50ms delay to original servers for Alibaba Cloud data centers within Mainland China.

China Expertise

Alibaba allows customers to break into the China market, cut down latency and deploy their business with the help of 5 data centers and 500 CDN nodes in China. Moreover, Alibaba has more than 500 nodes in China which helps to minimize customers’ website response time as well as manage potential spikes. Alibaba also maintains full control of its infrastructure in China providing customers a one stop CDN experience without exposing data to third parties. Alibaba manages the data security processes in-house which also crowns them China’s first cloud-based security provider to achieve ISO27001 Information Security Management System Certification. Additionally, customers have no hassle of managing multiple accounts. Customers can deploy ECS instances from five regional data centers in China, while having access to entire international cloud infrastructure through a single global account.

Alibaba doesn’t just stop at infrastructure and Cloud support. They also offer a dedicated team of bilingual experts to help customers guide through the ICP license application process. Team at Alibaba submits ICP applications on a daily basis and can flag problems early in advance or avoid delays in order to fast-track your application.

Economies of Scale

Customers using Alibaba Cloud can power up their international expansion using the same economies of scale and processing power that underwrites and Alibaba Express’ global ecosystem.

Technology expertise

Alibaba is well-equipped with latest and greatest technologies including advanced big data analytics, machine learning, VR and IoT. In fact, it has evolved as a global leader in the database technology with FuxiSort which set four new world records at the Sort Benchmark Competition. Not only this, Alibaba also broke the records in processing online payments in 2016 facilitating a record-breaking 175,000 transactions per second during peak traffic spikes.

Disruptive Products and Services

Alibaba brings to the table various products and services that are drastically disrupting the Cloud ecosystem. Customers can provision the resources on demand and manage the traffic spikes with the help of Alibaba ECS, server load balancer and a virtual private network. Alibaba also offers strong security and management through Cloud monitor, Anti-DDoS and web application firewall.

Apart from the server provisioning and highly secure infrastructure support, Alibaba also offers amazing storage solutions such as Content Delivery Network and Object Storage Service. Alibaba’s ApsaraDB for RDS and memcache are also a step forward in the database technology support.

According to the Cloud Industry Forum “72 per cent of organisations are expected to roll out Digital Transformation strategies within the next two years and Cloud is most important to all of them.” Alibaba Cloud is helping global companies transform their infrastructure and remain Agile and competitive. Deploying and working globally through Alibaba Cloud’s growing cloud infrastructure network has been extremely easy for customers wanting to expand internationally. With high protection against malware attacks, scalable server provisioning, China expertise and available database technology, Alibaba Cloud becomes the go to service provider for Cloud support.



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