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AWS Cost Optimization Series | Blog 1 | $100K to $40K in 90 Days

Amazon Web Services (AWS) has significantly changed the IT world as more and more companies are adopting AWS for hosting their QA, Dev, Stage, Prod workloads. This has led to an increase in their monthly AWS spent and there comes a need to re-examine their cloud strategy to bring these costs down. It is a five blog series, I will be...

by Neeraj Gupta
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How Alibaba Cloud is disrupting the Cloud ecosystem?

The ongoing technological evolution has influenced both, the customers and businesses alike. Evolving digital consumers and the rise of digital technologies such as IoT, Mobility, Cloud have together impacted the way of conducting business. There  is a need for global organizations to keep up with the pace of competitors and be...

by kinshuk jhala
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AWS, DevOps

Top 10 Benefits of Using AWS

Very often people ask for compelling reasons on why they should consider AWS for their infrastructure needs. Though there are hundreds and thousands of customers leverage AWS in more than 190 countries, with hundreds of case-studies including companies like Netflix, Pinterest, Dow Jones, SAP,  Coursera, NASA/JPL, Reddit, Vodafone,...

by Aman Aggarwal
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